5 Flat Roofing Options for Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Posted on October 6th, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

There are several different types of commercial flat roofing systems. The type of roof you decide to use on your business is ultimately up to you, but certain types of roofing do have more advantages on specific types of buildings.

Commercial Buildings

Here are 5 flat roofing options you should consider for commercial or industrial buildings:

  1. Spray Applied Roof Coating
    Spray application roof coating is rubbery and will conform to the cracks and crevices of the roof. It creates a seamless surface which helps prevent leaks and, with most systems, offers a reflective coating that helps to deflect heat.

  2. PVC Roofing Systems
    PVC roofing systems are highly reflective and are extremely strong. This results in seams being created as the material is put into place. PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride and is resistant to water. When applied correctly, PVC roofing will help reduce ponding and leaking.

  3. Asphalt BUR
    One of the most inexpensive commercial flat roofing options is the Asphalt BUR system. BUR stands for “built up roof”. This means that the roof is “built up” using layers of asphalt that are laid down using a mop like device. Most roofing professionals recommend at least four layers for superior coverage.

  4. Modified Membrane
    A modified membrane commercial flat roofing system starts with the Asphalt BUR. Polymer modifiers are then added to the asphalt prior to it being applied to the roof. This gives the roof a more rubbery texture and increases its overall flexibility.

  5. EPDM Roofs
    EPDM systems are very popular because of their rubberized texture and their ability to resist chemicals. Owners, who are interested in installing a commercial flat roofing system, will often look to this type because of its durability and strength.

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