Improving Roofing Standards: Know the Science Connection

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

Today, science has become an important part of our daily life. Starting from your home to your work station, science has a strong presence everywhere. Defining science in a few words is a difficult task to do. Since time immemorial, many researchers and language experts have framed science in a definition. But explaining science in one sentence is actually impossible.

Science has also played a major role in revamping the infrastructure industry. Thanks to the latest technologies and modern approach, the infrastructure industry has successfully upgraded the quality of equipment, materials and the methodology used in constructing houses and commercial properties. Roofing is one such area, where science has helped in improving the standards to a large extent.

Roofing Technologies

Roofing and Science
A roof is a major investment for most of the homeowners, and one might wait for years and years before they finally decide to replace the older ones. In fact, many residential and commercial property owners use stopgap measures to keep their homes safe from rain and weather while they save to get a new roof for their property.

Today, most of the professional roofing contractors and companies utilize the latest technologies and scientific support to improve the overall roofing standards, which aim towards adding years to the life of any roof.

The ASTM Eighth Symposium on Roofing Research and Standards Development held in December 2015 is an industry meeting, where roofing contractors share a common platform to have a discussion on the potential of improvising roofing standards. This conference is aimed at sharing research and analysis on both, improving roofing and enhancing standards for roofing products and systems.

Every residential and commercial property owner must utilize the latest roofing technologies offered by the professional contractors. A roof isn’t supposed to deteriorate within a few years, but without utilizing a proper roofing technology, wear can be seen quite quickly.

Thermal Performance
Many people simply don’t know what’s right for their property, and many think that almost every roof is the same. Thermal performance is something that everyone should think about while getting a new roof installed on their property.

Thermal insulation for roofing has various advantages. It not only makes the room cooler in summers and warmer in winters, but it also reduces the chances of roof cracking due to thermal stress. It also reduces the quantity of the energy required for maintaining the desired temperature in the room.

Ask the roofing company you’re working with, about the thermal performance and how it is the right option for your roofing system. Places with very hot and cold weather season must consider this option.

Hail Ratings
Hail ratings are a blessing for people living in the areas where hail is a common occurrence. Hail obviously damages roofs, but the not so common occurrence of hail isn’t something most people think about. That’s why roofing services should make sure you’re protected. When you’re looking for a new roof, make sure the roofing service is aware of your desired hail rating.

Solar Roofing
Solar roofing is an innovative, energy efficient and money saving roofing solution, which attracts many homeowners. Most of the professional roofing companies provide energy efficient solar solutions for flat and sloped roofs. It isn’t too much expensive, which many people believe. Many roofing companies also provide financing options for those who are interested in having a solar system installed in their home or office.

Know the Science
As an intelligent property owner that doesn’t want to spend money on a bad roof, it is incredibly important for you to stay on top of changes in technology. Do some basic research and make sure you hire only professional roofing services that use up to date current techniques in their work.

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