Time to Think About Beating the Heat

Posted on May 22nd, 2015 by Applied Roofing Services

Our spray-foam, commercial roofing systems help you beat the California heat in more ways than one. We’ve come across a lot of business owners who simply don’t know how their old, worn roofing materials are driving up their energy costs. Here are a few facts about how heat – the number one cause of roof failure – affects a typical asphalt roofing system.

Asphalt roofs absorb the majority of the sun’s energy

In our experience, a seamed asphalt roof reflects only a small amount (about 8%) of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. What this means for you is that heat is being absorbed into your roof, which only raises the internal temperature of your building. Our spray-foam, polyurethane roofing systems reflect substantially more of the sun’s heat than asphalt roofing.

Asphalt roofs raise energy costs

We’ve come across some interesting facts published by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Installing a spray-foam, cool roofing system can potentially lower energy costs by as much as 10-30%, according to estimates by Energy Star. As buildings absorb more heat, air-conditioning units have to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. We’ve seen polyurethane roofing systems lower internal building temperatures by as much as 10-25 degrees.

Asphalt roofs have a shorter lifespan

We understand that asphalt was once a standard (i.e., cheap) building material, but times have changed substantially. Heat constantly expands roof materials during the day and contracts them at night. This stress is what causes commercial roofing systems to need annual maintenance. However, a spray-foam, polyurethane roof needs no costly, annual maintenance, which only extends the roof’s lifespan.

Our roofing products give you more than one way to beat the California heat. So we recommend our spray-foam, polyurethane roofing systems as a substitute for outdated asphalt roofing https://www.247carlocksmiths.com/prices.

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