Roof Coating System

Finished White Roof Close Up

Finished White Roof Close Up

Our Maintenance Systems can be used as a surface or new existing, built up and modified bitumen, roofing systems. They are designed to meet the high stress requirements of today’s roofing membranes. Our elastomeric reflective roof coatings are energy saving and highly durable. They protect the roofing membrane by stopping the UV degradation and by reducing the “thermal shock” that all roof membranes experience.

Finished White Roof Orange County

Finished White Roof

Look for the ENERGY STAR ® symbol on the label of our reflective coating products. It means the product meets energy star guidelines for energy efficiency. We are also a member of the CRCC (Cool Roof Rating Council). Our elastomeric coatings can produced in colors to aide in the aesthetics of building exteriors.

Roof coating system Orange County


To know more about our roof coating system, and how they are better than other roofing systems, give us a quick call at (714) 632-8418. Roofing Services