6 Roofing Materials: Determine the Best Choice for Your Home

Posted on December 30th, 2015 by Applied Roofing Services

The roof on a home is an important feature. Without it, you’d be exposed to the elements every day. Even a roof with a crack or a leak can be a serious danger or put residents in harm’s way.

Your roof isn’t a negotiable part of your home, but roofing materials aren’t standardized. Whether you’re building a home or a professional roofing service is re-doing your existing facade, there are options out there for you to use.

Roofing Materials

Keep reading to learn about 6 popular materials professional roofing services commonly use:

  1. Clay Tile
    Clay tile is popular among homeowners who prefer more texture on their roof. It’s also ideal for Spanish-style or Italian villa-style homes since clay tile looks more traditional.

  2. While quite durable, clay tile is generally somewhat expensive.

  3. Concrete Tile
    Concrete tile is an interesting look for many homes, especially more modern ones, but they’re very heavy. If you don’t mind additional framing costs, this could be an excellent choice for your recently built home.

  4. Asphalt Shingles
    The most common choice in the US, asphalt shingles are cost-effective and easy to fix or replace when needed. They don’t last as long as some materials, but cost benefits often outweigh the need for earlier replacement.

  5. Metal Roofing
    Metal roofing is growing in popularity. It’s not quite as common, but it’s ideal for modern homes and smaller structures. It’s generally expensive, but it can last 50 years if properly maintained.

  6. Slate
    Beautiful for many homeowners, slate is an option a lot of people love for their homes. It is very heavy though, so it requires hiring professional roofing services. Slate is also extremely expensive.

  7. Wood Shingles
    Not allowed in all areas because of fire problems, wood shingles are old-timey and beautiful. They’re also a concern in areas with heavy rain because of mold.

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