7 Commercial Roof Problems That Can Affect its Service Life

Posted on October 14th, 2015 by Applied Roofing Services

Roofing is a costly investment. As repairs and ongoing maintenance tasks can be a hassle, many commercial building owners don’t make them a top priority. However, the earlier that you can catch the following commercial flat roofing issues, the less expensive the repairs and the less likely it is that you’ll need a full roof replacement.

Commercial Flat Roofing

  1. Mediocre product installation or workmanship
    Not surprisingly, one of the most common commercial flat roofing problems is how a contractor installed or serviced the roof, which can lead to roof leaks, premature roof aging, and other issues.

  2. Leaks and moisture
    All types of commercial roofs are subject to the detrimental effects of moisture infiltration and leaks. Leaving a small leak unattended can quickly lead to much larger issues.

  3. Ponding water
    Virtually all commercial flat roofing has issues with ponding water. As water gathers in an existing pool of water, it exerts stronger and stronger pressure, which can compromise the roof’s surface.

  4. Lack of roof repairs and general maintenance
    Routine inspection and maintenance is key for keeping a commercial roof in top condition. A professional roofer can spot problems before they become serious, minimizing repair and replacement costs.

  5. Roof shrinkage and cracking
    Thermal shocking is another major problem for most commercial roofs. Over time, hazardous UV rays deteriorate a roof, leading to a host of issues including roof shrinkage and cracking.

  6. Roof blow-offs, punctures, or wind uplift
    When a commercial roof is improperly installed or not regularly maintained, it is susceptible to billowing, blow-offs, wind uplift, and other types of severe roof damage.

  7. Varying types of surface erosion or breakdown
    Certain types of surface breakdown or erosion, such as ridging, splitting, and blistering, can lead to other serious roofing issues such as premature roof breakdown or aging.

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