7 Common Reasons for Roof Leaks You Should Know

Posted on January 23rd, 2017 by Applied Roofing Services

Roof leak is a matter of concern for every house owner. This is a very common problem that can lead to premature failure and reduced life for the roof. There are many reasons that lead to a leaking roof which you need to keep an eye on to prevent serious roof issues in the future.

Roof Leak Repair

Here are some of the most common reasons for roof leaks you should know to avoid major roof issues:

  1. Flashing
    A roof leak because of damaged flashing is very common. Thin sheets of metal strips or fittings used to cover the seams or transition points in a roof is termed as a flashing material or flashing point. Roof leaks are generally caused where flashing is missing, corroded, or damaged.

  2. Ice Damps
    This is mostly seen in areas with heavy snowfall. Due to snowfall, ice forms a ridge at the end of the roof and stops the melting snow from draining off. The snow that is lying on the top of your roof melts due to the heat that is coming from the attic despite the freezing temperature outside. And this melting snow runs between your roof causing roof leaks.

  3. Cracked Chimney
    Damaged chimney is also one of the major reasons for roof leaks. Damaged area along the mud cap, top of the chimney, and holes near the joint where the chimney connects to the roof are some of the main spots that lead to leaking roofs.

  4. Gutters Are Jammed
    Clogged gutters severely affect the roof. Because the gutters are jammed, they don’t allow water to pass into the downspouts. Due to this, water is clogged on top of the roof and slowly starts to enter the attic that forms a dampened area which turns into a roof leak.

  5. Old Roofing System
    If you are using the roof material from a long period of time, it might turn brittle and crack which can lead to a roof leak. This happens due to the contraction and expansion with change in weather and harsh rays from the sun. So, keep an eye on your roofing material. If it is too old, it is better to replace it or it will damage other parts of your house as well.

  6. Parts of Roof Missing
    Damaged, cracked, cupped shingles or missing parts is very a common reason that affects the roof. It happens generally due to bad weather, high wind, rainstorms, and corrosion of the roofing material. There could be many reasons, but it directly affects your roof’s water resistance system. Due to these missing or damaged parts, water can get into the path to passing beneath the attic and lead to roof leaks.

  7. Condensation Beneath the Attics
    This usually happens due to adverse weather change. Attics are trapped between outside’s freezing temperature and inside’s warm temperature. This leads to condensation and mold growth to form beneath the roof surface. This leads to dampening of the roof system.

Roof leak repairs require a lot of time and money. So it’s better to have an idea of what’s wrong with your roof before you get in touch with any licensed roofing service contractor for residential roof leak repairs.

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