7 Reasons Why Solar Roofing Shingles Are Beneficial

Posted on June 7th, 2017 by Applied Roofing Services

In addition to lowering your utility bills and increasing the value of your home, solar shingles can provide many benefits. They reduce the need for outside energy and are actually more efficient than larger solar panels.

Solar roofing shingles

  1. Can Cover Larger Areas
    Because they lay down just like conventional shingles, they can cover more area than a traditional solar panel. They fit together snugly with fewer gaps, less waste and less space.

  2. Can Be Used in Addition to Traditional Singles
    If you only want to cover a small section of your roof, solar shingles can be intermingled with the traditional ones without making it obvious you have solar roofing shingles.

  3. More Efficient Than Older Versions of Solar Panels
    Although solar shingles can’t store power, they are much more efficient when it comes to collecting and converting sunlight into usable energy.

  4. It Can Provide Tax Credits
    Depending on the state, the use of solar shingles may make the home eligible for specific tax credits. Making your home more energy efficient can result in numerous rebates and incentives.

  5. They Look and Cover Like Regular Shingles
    Newly designed solar shingles look and cover much like conventional shingles. They can be either stapled or nailed to the roof like regular shingles.

  6. Can Withstand Strong Storms and High Winds
    Because they lay flat along with the other shingles, they can withstand high winds that accompany strong storms.

  7. Certain Types of Solar Shingles Can Generate Up to 17 Watts of Power
    Depending on the design and model of the shingles, most are rated to produce between 13 and 17 watts of electricity.

If you are interested in learning more about solar shingles, call a local roofing company that specializes in energy efficient solar panels and other roofing products.

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