Commercial Roof Repair: Where to Start?

Feb 28, 2022

Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Repair Where to Start
Generally, a roof will last for at least ten years. However, some commercial roofs may need repairs or replacements ahead of time due to natural wear and tear, over-exposure to harsh elements, low-quality roofing materials used, and lack of maintenance. When it is time to repair your roof, knowing what to do and where to start are essential to have successful roof repairs.

How to Prepare for a Commercial Roof Repair

Follow these steps to prepare for a commercial roof repair
  • Review Your State Building Rules
Every state has specific building codes that may require you to get legal consent before performing commercial roof repairs. To obtain a permit, you must specify the area to be restored and the type of repairs to be performed. You must also be aware of laws that include special provisions. For example, a legal permit may not be required if the roof repair is intended to replace a few roof tiles or shingles. Therefore, check your state laws and act accordingly.
  • Call For a Roof Inspection
You can request a roofing contractor to perform an initial inspection to assess the repairs needed and prepare a proposal with estimated cost and timeline accordingly.
  • Get the Budget Approval
Forward the project proposal to your company’s board members and get approval from them. If you run a small/startup business, you can discuss with your accountant to determine how much you can afford for the project.
  • Schedule a Roof Repair
After getting the approval, schedule a commercial roof leak repair at a time most convenient for you. It is recommended to schedule a roof repair during summer and spring while avoiding winter and rainy seasons to mitigate the risk of accidents and delays. Related: Commercial Roof Flashing: Types and Purpose You Should Know

How to Find a Reputable Roofing Contractor

You can compare contractors to contractors to settle with the one that provides high-quality services with a customized approach while ensuring warranties. For finding a reputable contractor, you should consider
  • Experience and Expertise
Hire an experienced roofing contractor with a good performance track record. They know the correct methods to identify roof damage and will adhere to safety precautions and manufacturers’ recommendations while performing the job. You can also read their reviews and testimonials to learn about their expertise and customer service.
  • Warranties
Some roofing contractors will offer warranties for their roofing systems. This will prevent you from paying out-of-pocket for repairs and damages that occur within the warranty period.
  • Liability Insurance
Some contractors will come with liability insurance coverage to pay for the unfortunate injuries or property damage caused by you or your visitors because of their operations, tools/equipment, or employees. If you are looking for the best commercial roof repair company in California, contact Applied Roofing Services today at 714-632-8418. You can also get a quote online for your commercial roofing project.
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