How to Keep Your Commercial Building’s Roof Cool in the Summer

Posted on June 17th, 2021 by Applied Roofing Services

Summer heat causes roofs to expand, while the cooler temperature at night contracts them back. Although this expanding and contracting process is normal, it does cause your roofing system to weaken. To avoid such issues, you need to prepare your commercial roof for the summer heat.
How to Keep Your Commercial Building's Roof Cool in the Summer

How to Reduce Commercial Roof Heating

The following features of a roofing system play a crucial role in dealing with the summer heat:

  • Color – Dark-colored roofs absorb more heat, whereas light-colored ones reflect them away.
  • Insulation–Insulation in the roof prevents heat leakage to the lower floors.
  • Pitch – Flat or low-sloped roofs receive more UV rays from the sun, whereas a pitched roof receives less direct sunlight and is relatively much cooler.

Here are some ways to keep your top floor apartment cool in the summer:

  • Clean Your Roof

Be sure to keep your roof clean, especially if it’s a reflective roof as debris, dust, and grime will reduce its reflectivity.

  • Install Roof Ventilation

Installing roof ventilation keeps fresh air circulating, pushes warm air out of your roof, and prevents a metal roof from expanding and contracting.

  • Grow a Roof Garden

Growing a rooftop garden will help you keep your roof cool as the mud in the potted plants and grass absorbs the heat that hits the roof.

  • Apply Reflective Roof Coatings

Reflective roof coatings reflect the sun’s rays and its thermal remittance capacity helps repel the rays absorbed back from the building, thereby reducing heat exchange.

  • Paint the Terrace White

Painting the terrace white or with light shades help reflect the sun’s rays, keeping the indoors cool.

  • Roof Insulation

Apply spray foam insulation to your roof to reduce excessive heating or cooling, improve structural soundness and strength of the building, and to prevent the entry of insects and vermin.

  • Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells, which prevent heat from hitting the roof while capturing the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity, thus saving your utility costs.

  • Heat-Resistant Flooring Materials

Install heat-resistant flooring materials on your terrace to prevent the transfer of heat to the lower floors.

  • Roof Repairs

Schedule regular roof repairs and maintenance with a professional to detect and fix damages in addition to checking on factors that help reduce the summer heat.

Roofing Types and How They Can Be Kept Cooler

  • Metal Roofs – Paint the roof surface with a reflective paint/coating.
  • Single-Ply Roofs – Use UV-resistant, reflective coatings to keep them cooler.
  • Roof Shingles – Add reflective granules to stop radiation.
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs – Seal the last layer with a reflective coating.
  • Roofs with Slate or Tiles – Pre-apply the reflective coating to reduce indoor heat leakages.
  • Roof Coatings – Apply a reflective, protective coating.
  • Built-Up Roofing Systems – Replace the surface layer of the roof with a UV-resistant white mineral fiberglass surface or coating.

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