Myriad Ways to Clean Your Roof Shingles

Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Applied Roofing Services

Roof shingles aren’t a very exciting thing to think about, and if you’re like most homeowners you don’t consider yours too often. After all, as long as they don’t have holes in them, aren’t they doing their job?

The fact is that your roof shingles need cleaning to look their best. They also need to be cleaned to stay strong and sturdy since deposits from snow, sleet and rain can cause problems and decrease their lifespan.

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Use this guide to learn how to clean roof shingles the right way.

Grab Your Broom
When you first go about cleaning your roof shingles, the thing you really need to focus on is getting rid of debris like leaves and sticks. You can use a basic broom for this and simply sweep them down off the roof to be collected later.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing can be particularly beneficial when it comes to cleaning your roof shingles because it can remove stuck on debris like bird droppings. While you can rent a pressure washing machine or buy one, you may want to consider paying somebody to do this work for you if you’ve never done it before.

You’ll also be able to pressure wash your home’s exterior and driveway.

Hire a Service
One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is to hire people that know how to take care of your home for regular inspections. That’s especially true when it comes to your roof since you likely don’t know everything about roof care.

When you hire a professional roofing contractor you can easily have them take care of your roof shingles. They’ll be able to clean them safely and properly, and a skilled roofing contractor will also help get rid of algae stains and make the whole area look better.

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