The Reality of Rooftop Solar Panel Myths

Posted on April 28th, 2017 by Applied Roofing Services

Solar panel installation is on the rise in the US as people are becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. Solar panels are more durable, energy efficient and provide a number of advantages. Most of us are well aware of the benefits of solar panels but still many people believe in the myths surrounding them.

Let’s have a look at some of the solar panel myths and the actual facts behind them:

Rooftop Solar Panel

Myth 1
Solar Panels Don’t Work Properly During Winter

Contrary to popular belief, the actual situation is exactly the opposite. In fact, solar panels work the best during winters or in cold climate. These are considered ideal for colder regions. In colder environment, the conductivity increases which makes the electricity flow more efficiently. On the other hand, higher temperatures reduce the efficiency of solar panels. They produce less power from the same amount of light when they get hotter.

Myth 2
Solar Panels Are Quite Expensive

On the contrary, solar panels have become more affordable. According to an article by Cleantechnica, the prices have gone down 50 percent in the last five years. Once you install them, you can see the financial impact on your electricity bill. These savings can amount to thousands of dollars.

Myth 3
Solar Panels Require Too Much Maintenance

The fact is that these panels do not have any moving parts and they seldom require any maintenance. It is recommended to check them two to three times every year to see if there’s any dirt build-up. If you find it difficult to climb up the roof to check the panels, hire a qualified roofing expert to perform a seasonal roofing inspection. If the solar panels are cleaned, optimal energy will be produced.

Myth 4
A Solar Panel Will Function Only if There’s a Tracking System to Follow the Angle of the Sun

Solar panels are positioned to maximize exposure of the sun during installation. It simply means that no tracking system is needed. However, the newer solar panels integrate tracking systems to change the position of the panel throughout the day.

Myth 5
Solar Panels Damage the Roof

Solar panels are installed by professional roofing experts who know how to install without doing any harm to the roof. They are adept at installing these panels at every angle, roof pitch and condition. On the contrary, solar panels might extend the life of the roof as they might protect it from various elements. These are installed a few inches above the roof to increase the flow of air and they weight almost the same as a second layer of shingles.

The facts mentioned above will help in clearing all the myths related to solar panels and its installation.

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