Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Roof

Posted on April 19th, 2020 by Applied Roofing Services

Spring has arrived, and the temperature begins to rise, so it’s the perfect time to start checking your roof for damage caused by heavy ice, snow, and rain, harsh winds, and freezing temperatures.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Here are six important activities to include in your spring roof maintenance checklist.

1. Remove Debris

Begin with removing all the debris that got accumulated on your roof. Brush away the leaves and branches before you do any other maintenance work or inspections. Also, make sure to remove mold buildup. This will help you to have a clear view of your roof.

2. Check for Any Roof Damages

The next thing on the checklist is to look for any primary damages, such as cracks in slate shingles, missing sand on asphalt shingles, or rust on metal panels. Look for less apparent issues, like popped-up nails or stains that might indicate leakage under the roof.

3. Inspect Your Shingles

Keep in mind that most roof damages are not easily visible from the ground. Sometimes you may need to climb up and perform a close examination of your roof shingles. If you find shingles that are curling, buckling, or missing, get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the roof deck.

4. Repair Loose or Cracked Flashing

Heavy snow and strong winds during winter can loosen flashing around skylights and chimneys and leave your roof vulnerable. Therefore, make sure you nail it down to avoid leaks from spring rains.

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5. Clean Your Gutters

Another important thing on the checklist for spring roof maintenance is to clean the gutters. This is important because overflowing gutters can trigger expensive water damage to the sidings and your house. Therefore, scoop out sticks, leaves, and other debris and make sure that the way to the downspout is clear.

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6. Clean Soffit and Fascia Vents

Soffit and fascia vents of your roof are the favorite place for birds and small animals to build their nests. Inspect and clean these areas too.

This spring maintenance checklist for roofing will help you protect your roof from the upcoming summer and spring storms. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in California, contact us at 714-632-8418 or get a quote online.

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