6 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Roof Cleaning

Posted on July 28th, 2021 by Applied Roofing Services

Commercial roof cleaning is an integral part of the regular roof maintenance services that aim to preserve the roof and ensure its durability for a longer period. Natural elements like wind, hail, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures pose a constant threat to your roofing system.
commercial roof cleaning
Accumulation of debris over time can also affect the efficiency of your commercial building’s roof. With the help of professional roof cleaning services, you can keep your rooftops well-maintained for years, preventing erosion and extending their lifespan.

Why Do You Need Commercial Roof Cleaning?

Professional roof cleaners primarily rely on four methods to clean your commercial roof, that is, high-pressure jet-washing, low-pressure steam jets, blast cleaning, and hand washing (with a hard brush and scraper). The techniques will differ depending on the type of dirt and grime that has accumulated on your roof. Apart from the obvious cleaning requirement, the following are a few reasons why you should invest in commercial roof cleaning services.

1. Ensures Greater Efficiency

A clean roof ensures greater efficiency both in terms of energy consumption and durability. It lowers the surface temperature, thus prolonging the life of the roof membranes. A clean roof also supports rooftop HVAC systems by reducing the roof temperature, allowing the cooling units to draw cool air quickly, with lower energy consumption.

2. Gets Rid of Moisture

Removing any fallen leaves, debris, or other waste materials prevents water from accumulating on your flat roof that might result in blistering, ponding, splitting of the roof surface, or cause its metal to rust.

3. Minimizes the Risk of Fire

This is especially true for buildings located in fire-prone areas or where combustible materials are used. A clean roof prevents the collection of potential fuel sources, thus reducing the risk of fire.

4. Prevents Escalation of Minor Repairs

Regular commercial roof cleaning helps identify potential issues before they escalate into devastating scenarios requiring complete roof replacement.

5. Protects Employees’ Health

Mold and algae that have developed on your rooftops can be drawn in through the HVAC systems, decreasing the air quality inside your commercial building, thus affecting your employees’ health. Professional roof cleaning will eliminate such algae and mold and inhibit their growth in future.

6. Beautifies Your Building

A dirty-looking roof with grime and moss will ruin the overall appearance of your building. But with regular roof maintenance and cleaning, you can keep your roof spotless and ensure an impressive first look for all your customers.

Cleaning years of dirt, pollution, residue, mold, and algae off the roof is not an easy task. However, hiring commercial roof cleanerswill help you get the job done conveniently. Commercial roofers have extensive knowledge and well-developed skills to deal with all your roof maintenance issues. As a result, they can prevent minor problems from resulting in expensive repairs/replacements.

At Applied Roofing Services, our experts offer the best commercial roof maintenance plans. Our roof cleaning techniques aim to keep your roofing system at its best always. If you are looking for commercial roof cleaning services in Orange County or Los Angeles,  call us at 714-632-8418 or get a quote online.

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