5 Tips to Extend Your Commercial Roof’s Lifespan

Posted on December 22nd, 2021 by Applied Roofing Services

A roof is an essential part of any commercial building, as it provides constant protection against harsh weather while adding aesthetic value and providing comfort at home. Unfortunately, general wear and tear and exposure to harsh weather can cause mild to moderate damage, impacting your roof’s lifespan. Therefore, regular roof maintenance is essential to enhance your roof’s lifespan while identifying potential problems.
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Leading Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

Being aware of the causes of roof damage can help you take prompt action and avoid expensive roof repairs.

Common causes of roof damage are:

Standing Water

Standing water can indicate:

  • Problem with the original construction slope
  • Issues with HVAC system
  • Clogged drainpipe
  • Roof’s structure breakdown

Over time, standing water will deteriorate your roofing materials and get inside your building.

Faulty Flashing or Pitch Pans

Flashing is a metal material that prevents water leaks, and Pitch pans are placed to seal the pipes penetrating the roof. When any of the two are inaccurately installed or have suffered prolonged freeze/thaw cycles, they are prone to develop openings that lead pathways for standing water to enter your building.

Roof Punctures

Roof punctures from foot traffic and harsh weather can damage flashing and pitch pans, leading to leaks and costly repairs.

Wind Damage

While winds cause cracks and breaks by stressing the roof flashing, strong winds can blow off the chimney pipes’ vent caps, helping the rain to enter your building easily.

Lack of Maintenance

Lack of regular roof maintenance can worsen your roof’s condition, leading to extensive damages and repairs.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan with These Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep Your Roof Clean

Regular roof cleanings can help prevent the accumulation of leaves, pine cones, and other debris, which could otherwise make water stand on your roof and cause leaks.

  1. Fix Leaks and Repairs Immediately

Ignoring leaks and repairs will make them worse over time, causing significant damages that may result in roof replacements. Therefore, get them fixed quickly.

  1. Prune Overhanging Tree Branches

Trim overhanging tree branches, as they could fall on your roof, causing punctures or damp areas that produce algae or mold growth.

  1. Avoid Walking on the Roof

Heavy foot traffic can damage your roof, so install walking pads that will help stabilize the roof while preventing damages.

  1. Clear the Snow

Heavy snowfall during winter can contribute to ice dams, causing water damage. Therefore, get the snow cleared regularly.

While these tips help extend your roof’s lifespan, scheduling an inspection with a professional roofing expert is essential to detect any signs of damage or repairs before they aggravate.

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