5 Tips to Reduce Your Roof Replacement Costs

Posted on August 8th, 2018 by Applied Roofing Services

Numerous elements come into play when you consider getting a roof replacement for your home, but there is one specific factor that is perhaps the most critical for any homeowner. That factor is, of course, the cost of roof replacement. However, you can avoid unnecessary spending if you learn how to get ready for this significant home upgrade and follow a few tips mentioned here for controlling costs.

Roof Replacement

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

Experts recommend a roof replacement if you observe the following symptoms in your roofing:

  • Curling shingle edges
  • Noticeable loss of roofing granules or “bald spots”
  • Brittle or cracked shingles
  • Misplaced shingles or the protective material below
  • Water seeping into attic or house

Here are 5 tips for securing a good deal on roof replacements for your home:

  1. Do Your Homework

    Understand the dimensions and complexity of your roof and decide the exact materials you want to get installed before consulting with contractors. These details help maintain prices consistent and boost competitive pricing.

  2. Get Multiple Quotes

    Seek quotes from many roofing companies. Online listings of local roofing contractors can be a convenient resource. Also, recommendations from local friends and relatives can be helpful to locate good roofing providers.

  3. Time It Right

    Roofing companies are in huge demand in late summer and fall. Except for water damaged or leaking roof, scheduling your roof replacement for late winter or the spring can offer you lesser price range or off-season discounts.

  4. Use Your Insurance

    Homeowners insurance normally covers roof damage that’s not resulted from negligence. If a hailstorm slams some shingles lose, for instance, your insurer may reimburse all or part of the re-roofing cost.

  5. Recycle Old Roofing Materials

    Sometimes you don’t need to replace all the existing roofing materials. Consult the installer about the possibility of recycling old roofing materials. If you’re handling the work yourself, inquire a professional for guidance about reuse.

A roof replacement is a costly investment in your home. Use the above tips to prepare yourself for it and have a smoother transition.

About Applied Roofing Services

Applied Roofing Services is a full service roofing company located in CA. We offer durable and high quality residential and commercial flat roofing. We provide roof installation as well as roof repair services, roof maintenance and inspection services. We specialize in low slope roofs, energy efficient, zero maintenance, and green roofing. We have 20+ years of experience in the roofing industry.

6 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

Posted on April 21st, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

The condition of your roof has an impact on the overall value of your home. If you have to make a decision between replacing your roof and making a few simple repairs, you will want to contact a roof repair service that has the experience and expertise to give you sound advice. Only after a thorough professional roof inspection you will be able to wisely contemplate on the idea of a roof replacement.

Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

Here are a few signs to indicate whether your roof may need a repair or a replacement:

  1. Leaking Ceiling
    One of the biggest indicators of how severe a roof problem may be is, if the ceilings inside your home are showing any kind of damage. Water spots and stains can indicate leaks from many different areas. If leaks are left unattended, they can lead to mold or other problems. Consider a roof replacement to prevent major issues in the future.

  2. Weather Conditions
    Know what type of weather the roof is constantly being exposed to. This can also provide contractors an idea as to what condition the roof is really in. Extremely high temperatures and heavy rains can take their toll on a shingle roof. Storms and snow can also make your roof vulnerable to damage. Fix minor roof repairs before any disaster happens.

  3. Mounting Maintenance Costs
    There is no problem in patching your roof until you encounter a bigger issue. However, when patching causes it to start to look like a checkerboard, then it’s time to replace. Additionally, if the cost of maintaining the roof is beginning to exceed the cost of replacing the roof, a contractor may recommend foregoing future repairs and opting to install an entirely new roof.

  4. Roof Aging Problems
    A typical roof lasts for 15-50 years depending on the selection of material quality. Confirm through your home inspection report ( obtained during your house purchase) to ascertain the age of your roof. A professional contractor providing roof repair service will also be able to determine the longevity of a roof by its condition and how well it has held up over time.

  5. Shingles Curling and Buckling
    Another indication that you may require a new roof is when the shingles have started curling or buckling. Analyze the slopes of your home that receive direct sunlight, in order to look out for signs of curling shingles and their missing granules. This can give information on whether or not shingles have exceeded their life expectancy, and also provide an idea on if a roof is defective.

  6. Sunlight Through the Roof Boards
    If you experience a soft spot or trampoline bounce while walking on the roof, it can indicate damage in the underlying decking due to moisture. Examine your attic to locate if there is any daylight peeping in through the roof boards. Also, ensure there is no moisture present in the insulation in order to get the issue resolved soon.

    1. It’s important to look out for these signs and repair or replace your damaged roof before it causes any further problems to your property.

      Here a few frequently asked questions on roof replacement:

      How Often Do You Need a New Roof?
      Depending on the factors like the material used, ventilation, humidity, and temperature, an average roof may require a replacement after 15-50 years. You should hire a roofing contractor to get annual roof inspection to determine the condition of your roof and confirm about its replacement requirement.

      When Does Roof Need to be Replaced?
      You should examine your roof annually, for any initial signs that may indicate either, the need for repairs to be made or a definite roof replacement. Discovering early damages will save you from unexpected trouble and prevent your budget from being disturbed. Also, you will avoid potential safety risks to you and your family.

      How Do You Know if You Have a Leak in Your Roof?
      If you notice a discolored or a damp spot on your ceiling, it’s an obvious signal that your roof has leakage problems. Damp or wet spots develop after a prolonged weak point, usually beginning with extreme weather conditions and shingle impairment. A leaky roof can lead to grave and expensive damage, like mold and rotting and interior damage, subsequently requiring a complete roof replacement.

      How Do You Fix a Leaky Roof? Does it Need Repair or Replacement?
      To avoid any serious issue due to a leaky roof, ensure to get it thoroughly inspected annually for wet stains, especially after a heavy rain . Additionally, inspect for perforations near chimneys, skylights, and around shingles. Oftentimes, a leak will first appear in your attic and will remain unnoticed, until it relocates to a living area, leaving you without the option of a simple repair job. Hire professional services if you ever need, major repairing done.

      What to Expect When Getting a New Roof?
      Getting a new roof is a messy affair, as it will create noise, vibrations, dust, debris and what not. Moreover, there will be chaos in your driveway. Expect trucks with supplies and materials for new roof, to hog up space. Plan ahead to get everything done smoothly and be prepared for a few things that you can’t avoid.

      • First of all, start communicating with the contractor about getting new roof. Ask him how much time it will require from start to finish. Think about it, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

      • Secondly, a new roof installation will naturally involve noise and vibrations, so you must be prepared for it. Take special care if you have any small children or pets at home.

      • Make sure car parking is shifted to another place and no vehicle is under the roof that has to be redone because falling debris may cause serious injuries.

      What to Consider When Replacing a Roof?

      • When you have decided to replace your roof,you must start planning for it wisely. Roofs are durable structures, so we must take extra care when choosing materials and supplies for it.

      • Shop around and do a good amount of research so that you can get the best deals. In addition, roofing projects may require permits. This is why it’s important to take the services of a reputed roofing services provider who can manage all of these hassles for you.

      • Once the roofing has been replaced, there will probably be nails and small debris on the ground and in the driveway. A good roofing services provider will clean all these with the help of a giant magnet.

      What Are Some Important Roof Replacement Tips?

      • Get the guidance of a qualified roofing services provider to avoid any kind of hassle related to paperwork.

      • Get the permission for roof replacement from your municipality or local government.

      • Wait for right time and right weather before going ahead with a roof replacement.

      • Roofing materials like wood clay metal and slate are available in the market but asphalt shingles are a great choice as they are easy to install and are amazingly affordable at the same time.

      About Applied Roofing Services

      Applied Roofing Services is a full service roofing company located in CA. We offer durable and high quality residential and commercial flat roofing. We provide roof installation as well as roof repair services, roof maintenance and inspection services. We specialize in low slope roofs, energy efficient, zero maintenance, and green roofing. We have 20+ years of experience in the roofing industry.