Things to Consider Before Removing an Old Roof

Posted on September 23rd, 2015 by Applied Roofing Services

Removing an old roof can lead to a complicated situation if you have not thought things through. There are several things that should be considered when you begin any home roof repair project. Unlike other projects that can be gradually worked on, replacing a roof must be accomplished rather quickly if the homeowner wants to avoid leaks and other types of damage to their home.

Home Roof Repair

Know How Much You Are Going To Have To Replace
It’s important to know how deep the home roof repair will have to go. Can you take off a few layers of shingles and start over, or are you going to have to remove all of the shingles and paper down to the actual roofing sections? Removing all the layers of shingles and paper will take extra time. Extra time will also be needed in case any of the sub-roofing materials need to be replaced.

Have the Right Tools
It is important to have the right tools when replacing a roof. A tear-off shovel is used to scrape up the old shingles and roofing paper. This eliminates the need to pry shingles up with a crowbar. The specially designed shovel makes quick work of removing old shingles and paper that would have otherwise had to be taken up with a crowbar and hammer.

Make Sure You Have Enough Materials
Before starting any do it yourself home improvement project, make sure you have enough materials to finish the job. Not measuring correctly or creating a poorly designed budget can leave you with insufficient funds to purchase additional materials if you did not buy enough the first time. Accurate measurements will help prevent this, but one small mistake can be costly, especially if you run out of materials halfway through the project.

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