Tips for Getting Your Roof Spring Ready

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by Applied Roofing Services

Your roof is your first layer of protection against the elements. During the winter months, it can take a beating from high winds, heavy snow, and extremely cold temperatures. When the weather begins to warm up, one of the first things you need to do is check your roof to see how it fared over the harsh winter months. You should ensure to perform good roof maintenance to have a great looking roof throughout the spring that will keep you and your family safe and blissful.

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Why You Should Schedule Spring Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Spring and fall are the best times to schedule roof inspections. Now is the time to begin the roof-assessment of your property to know how well it endured the winter season and determine the need for maintenance. Here are some of the exact reasons why you should plan a spring roof inspection for your property right now:

  • Helps you identify problems
  • Supports you in roof maintenance budgeting for the year
  • Keeps your roof in great form long-term

Read more to learn about some of the important spring roof maintenance tips.

Perform a Visual Inspection
Your roof review should include but are not restricted to:

  • roof edges and walls
  • penetration flashing
  • field of the roof
  • roof membrane seams
  • roof drainage points

Do the Cleaning Job

  • Remove any apparent moss and mold by investing in a moss removal solution.

  • Clean the gutters, fascias, vents, and downspouts of the debris, nests, and other refuse.

  • Ensure to review the entire perimeter of your roof and clean accordingly.

Protect Your Flashing and Sealants

  • Over time, the flashing can become loose due to the activity of wind and other weather conditions which can cause mold or water damage to your home’s interior. Seal them back on securely.

  • Simultaneously check for cracked or impaired caulk. After scraping off the previous material, clean and reseal the area with fresh caulk.

When in Doubt
If you are doubtful about how to carry out any of these roof maintenance tips or don’t feel at ease with your understanding level in the area, you should hire a professional roofing contractor. For your peace of mind and to avoid expensive future maintenance issues, hiring an expert and experienced roofer to perform a full roof inspection and maintenance every spring is a brilliant idea.

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4 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Your Roof Spring Ready”

  1. I like the recommendation to clean the gutters. It makes sense that to get a roof 1005 ready for spring, it needs to be cleaned, repaired, and checked for debris. It’s something I’ll have to remember because having a roof expert come take a look could be a good way to have it repaired and to make sure there will be no problems throughout the year.

  2. I want to make sure my roof is ready in this spring. I appreciate the information about how you should check the shingles and make sure they are firmly attached with no cracks or visible damage. Something else to consider is to get your roof inspected professionally once a year to catch any problems early on.

  3. I appreciate the information on how to get your roof spring ready. I agree that it is important to check the shingle and ensure there aren’t any big problems with the shingles, if you keep on top of the individual shingles it can prevent the big problems from coming. My mom has been having some roof issues recently and she wants to ensure that her roof is ready for the summer, I will be sure to share this information with her.

  4. I had heard in the past that for businesses especially, it was important to maintain a good roof. You wrote in your article that it is important to get your roof serviced in the spring, as ice could have caused cracks and other damage to your roof during the winter. Last thing a business owner would want is to have leaks making it so that they can’t run an efficient business.

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