5 Major Benefits of Roof Coatings

Posted on February 27th, 2017 by Applied Roofing Services

You are well aware of the fact that your house and business need a sturdy and well-installed roof in order to avoid frequent roof repair or installation. But you might be unaware of the fact that applying a roof coating can increase the lifespan of the roof no matter when it was installed – recently or a decade back.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof coating offers many benefits such as reduction of heat energy costs and increasing UV and waterproofing protection of your roof. Your roof is prone to damages caused by heat and ultraviolet rays, so adding roof coating strengthens your roof and increases its longevity. It also adds to the charm and appearance of your house.

Here are 5 major benefits of roof coatings:

  1. Reduction in the Cooling Bill
    A roof coating can decrease the home’s interior temperature by seven to ten degrees. A good quality roof coating reflects the ultraviolet and infrared sunlight away from your building which results in the natural cooling of the roof and reduction in the usage of air conditioner.

  2. Extends Roof’s Life
    A right roof coating protects the roof from sun rays and UV damage because it reflects the heat from the roof’s surface. This gives longevity to your roof and reduces the maintenance expenses.

  3. Used with a Wide Variety of Materials
    Roof coatings can be used with various types of materials used in roofing: asphalt, metal, composite, wood, galvanized metal,and other materials to make the roofing more concrete.

  4. Avoid Early Roof Replacement
    Before applying a roof coating, minor issues like small leaks and other minor damages are sorted out. If you choose the right coating, you might be able to avoid full-scale replacement of your roof for several years.

  5. Fade Resistance
    Since the roof coatings are reflective, the color of the roof is maintained for a longer duration, which makes your house look more appealing. Reflective roof coatings improve the overall look of your house.

Get a roof coating and extend the life of your roof! Consult an experienced roofing installation contractor for a better outcome.

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