7 Easy and Beautiful Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

Posted on November 16th, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

Thanksgiving is a great day that brings love, gratitude, zeal and a festive mood. Make your home ready for the grand celebration by decorating it in a festive spirit. There are many easy and inexpensive decoration ideas you can use to spruce up your home this Thanksgiving.

Here are 7 beautiful Thanksgiving decoration ideas for your home:


  1. Thankful Wreath on Your Front Door
    A “Thanking You” wreath on your front door could be a great decorative idea. You can either buy it or make it at home with different flowers. It will look great and people will feel welcomed.

  2. Glass Votive Holders in Textual Flair
    Another great decoration idea! These can be placed around the dinner table for a cozy look. You can also add to its beauty by decorating the holder with spotted guinea fowl feather.

  3. Thankful Turkey
    A great creative idea for your dinner table! It is not an actual turkey. You can create one by using pinecone and creating feather from scrapbooks. Create the head of turkey by cutting an oval and circle shape, and add eyes, beak and a wattle.

  4. Creative Message Board on Your Wall
    Put a message board on your wall and ask your guests to write a Thanksgiving message. You can frame the message board for a more elegant look. Papers in form of leaves can be pasted on the board for writing the Thanksgiving message.

  5. Dining Chair Decoration
    It will add to the charm of dining room ambience. You can use colorful materials, ribbons, and pine cones for the decoration of dining chairs.

  6. Moss and Rocks Decoration
    It’s a table decoration idea that works the best for fast and easy Thanksgiving dinner. You can use bits of moss and some rocks around the candle in small flowerpots.

  7. Tree Garnish
    It’s very old yet stylish decorative idea for your living room that never goes out of fashion. You can decorate any artificial tree with bulbs, papers, ornaments and other accessories available in the market or gift shops.
    Follow these tips to decorate your home in a festive spirit and make your Thanksgiving a memorable one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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