7 Spray Foam Roofing Myths Debunked

Posted on August 31st, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

Spray foam roofing has been around for years and is used primarily on flat-topped buildings, mobile homes and commercial buildings. It offers many benefits, and still holds less value in the residential world. The problem is that many homeowners disregard it as an effective choice because of the many myths that revolve around its use.

Foam Roofing in Los Angeles

Here’s the truth behind these common spray foam roofing myths:

  1. Spray Foam Is Toxic
    Spray foam roofing is far from toxic. It is manufactured from inert substances and does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.

  2. Not as Durable as Other Forms of Roofing
    Foam roofing is extremely durable. It contains the same type of polyurethane that the soles of many types of work boots are made of. Once it sets, it is extremely hard and will not chip or crack.

  3. Birds Will Destroy It
    While birds may attempt to peck at uncovered areas of roofing, they won’t peck at a roof that has been freshly sprayed. The surface is too hard and they cannot break through the outer coating.

  4. Similar to Memory Foam Mattress Material
    Memory foam mattresses are made from soft, cushiony foam, whereas spray foam roofing is not soft, nor does it have cushion to it. Once it sets, it is becomes stiff and rigid and will not give or bend with weight.

  5. Foam Boards Insulate Better
    Foam boards do not insulate better than spray foam roofing. Spray foam fills in gaps and creases, providing a firm, water and air tight seal.

  6. Sucks Up Water
    Spray foam does not soak up water. It is made from durable polyurethane which causes water to flow over its surface not saturate it.

  7. Not Sturdy Enough to Walk On
    Spray foam creates a firm covering over any surface. Once the foam cures, it can be easily walked on without fear of damaging the surface.

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