Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings: Types, Applications & Benefits

Posted on November 11th, 2020 by Applied Roofing Services

Elastomeric coating is one of the most cost-effective solutions for protecting and prolonging your roof’s lifespan. But what makes elastomeric commercial roof coatings viable for business buildings, and what are their applications and benefits? Read on to learn more.

Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings

What Is Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coating?

Elastomeric roof coating is a fluid you can apply to protect the roof from multiple agents of weathering. It creates a watertight seal that prevents roof leaks. The coating’s ability to stretch and flex in tandem with the underlying roofing material reinforces its longevity.

Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings: Types and Applications

Silicon elastomeric roof coating boasts excellent weatherability, anti-UV properties, and ponded water resistance, making it perfect for flat commercial roofing. Acrylic roofing is water-based and ideal for custom color roofs. It’s suitable for steep metal roofing with no ponding water. Urethane is a good base coating for low-slope roofing, while butyl is more suited to SPF roofing.

How to Choose the Best Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings?

This depends on different factors, such as:

1. The coating’s physical attributes like elasticity, tensile strength, UV resistance (reflectivity), and tear resistance
2. Performance comparisons between different elastomeric coatings brands
3. Energy Star ratings for green roofing
4. How a brand measures up to ASTM standards
5. Independent elastomeric roof coating reviews by Energy Star, Cool Roof Rating Council, etc.

Benefits of Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings

The benefits of Elastomeric roof coating include:

    • UV-resistant and weatherproof coatings extend your roof’s lifespan.
    • Energy-efficient coatings minimize your indoor cooling needs.
    • Protection against the elements (such as winds and rainwater) stops roof leaks.
    • They offer cost-effective roof restoration options.

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How Long Do Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings Last?

Elastomeric roof coating may last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the millage used on your roof. For example, a coating with a 20-year warranty should last 20 or more years and requires 30 mils of coating.

Will Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

Elastomeric roof coating creates a waterproof barrier or seal that prevents rainwater from leaking through your roof. It can stop leaks if you use the right coating for your type of commercial roof.

How to Apply Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings?

To apply elastomeric roof coating, first clean, and prepare the roof surface. After, the roofing contractor will apply the primer on the roof. Several base coatings may be necessary before applying the final protective film.

Choose the Best Elastomeric Roof Coating for Your Commercial Building

Consider your roofing needs to determine the best elastomeric roof coating for you. Do you need a solution that holds up well to ponding water but has weak reflective properties, such as polyurethane coatings?

Are you roofing a commercial storage building that requires butyl roof coatings?

With the above tips, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the perfect elastomeric commercial roof coating. Are you looking for elastomeric roof coating for your commercial buildings in Los Angeles? Contact Applied Roofing Services today at 714-632-8418 to get a Quote.

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