How Weather Protecting Roofing Materials Prevent Roof Damage

Posted on May 16th, 2019 by Applied Roofing Services

Roofs are prone to wear and tear. Weather and climate can affect the roofing materials over time. However, the resistance to these elements and the degree of damage they cause can vary depending on the type of roofing materials. By using weather protecting roofing materials and through regular roof maintenance, you can protect your roof and extend its life.

Weather Protecting Roofing Materials

Types of Roofs and Their Resistance to Weather

Specific maintenance required by each type of roof varies depending on the climatic conditions, architectural structure, and the material used to design it. Weather protecting roofing materials will withstand hail, sun, wind, rain, and other weather elements in various ways depending on the type of roofing material.


Wood shingles provide a breathtaking and aesthetic appeal to a house with its versatility and quality. Proximity to saltwater, installation errors, quality of wood, and humidity can affect the durability of the wood shingles. As long as wood shingles are properly installed and protected, they can withstand high winds. Preserve wood shingles with coatings or sealants and pressure-treating for protection against exposure to the sun, moisture, and rain. If properly maintained and protected, the wood shingles can last 10 to 15 years.


This durable and sturdy roof material can withstand the rain, wind, and sun. Durability and sturdiness vary depending on the type of tile used.

  • Concrete and stone tiles are more durable than other tiles
  • Clay tiles can withstand exposure to sun and high temperature, but they cannot endure snow, hail or ice
  • Porcelain tile may break or become brittle during powerful winds or a hailstorm

Proper installation by a roofing expert can extend the life of the tile roofing. This type of roof may last 50 years or even longer, but the base layer of the tile must be replaced every 10 years to avoid leakage and cracks in the ceiling.


This is one of the most long-lasting roof types and can withstand all kinds of weather such as high winds, moisture, hail, and rain. Like tile roofing, a proper installation by roofing contractors is required for a slate roof. Fix any roof repairs as soon as they are noticed and schedule regular maintenance with experienced roofing contractors to increase the longevity of a slate roof.


It is economical and requires low-maintenance. However, if it does not contain a protective coating. Weather elements, including hail, can break off granules or leave dents and marks. The sun can crack and decay the roof, and wind can tear off the shingles. Modified asphalt shingles are tougher and long-lasting and will withstand weather elements including hail and high winds better than standard asphalt shingles.


It is a durable option and can withstand moisture, rain, and radiant heat produced by the sun rays. However, hail can easily cause damages to this material, and they can experience wind damages if not installed correctly. It is better to fix repairs as soon as possible, as lengthy damages may result in cracked or broken shingles or missing roof sections.

No matter which type of the roof you have, regular maintenance and repairs through certified and experienced roofing contractors can help you restore your roof to its original condition.

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