Roof Ventilation Ideas You Should Use for Your Home

Posted on July 29th, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

Adequate roof ventilation helps keep your home comfortable throughout the year. They remove excessive amounts of moisture and also work to keep the air moving freely. Keeping the attic well ventilated allows for higher energy efficiency and helps to protect shingles and other roofing materials from breaking down.

Roof Ventilation Ideas

Static Vents
Static vents are attached high along the slopes of the roof to help keep the highest portions of the attic well-ventilated and cool. The have small louvers that remain open, but prevent debris from entering the attic.

Gable Vents
Gable vents are made in a wide variety of shapes and are placed on the exterior of the home, in the peaks of the gables. These vents allow for air flow from side to side and are louvered to prevent debris from being blown into the attic.

Soffit Vents
Because soffits are the lowest areas of the attic, placing vents along their edges helps to ensure constant air flow in all areas of the attic.

Turbine Vents
Turbine vents work with the wind to suck air up and out of the roof. As the wind blows the turbine and it begins to spin, air is drawn up and out of the attic. Air is then sucked in through the vents at the gables, soffits and as well as through static vents placed at various intervals across the roof top.

Attic Fans
Attic fans can be installed in place of gable vents. They can be switched on and off manually, or can be wired to run when a certain interior temperature is reached. This is probably one of the most energy efficient systems, if you are looking for economical ways to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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