Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings: What You Should Know Before Installation

By Applied Roofing Services

Nov 03, 2020

Solar Roofing

Solar Panels For Commercial Buildings

What Is a Commercial Solar System?

Commercial solar systems provide power for commercial buildings and applications like telecommunications, remote traffic controls, oil and gas industries, municipal facilities, etc.

How Does Commercial Solar Panel Work?

A commercial solar panel works on the principle that electricity is produced when sunlight falls onto a solar panel array. This electricity is converted from DC to AC by an inverter and routed to your electric service to facilitate immediate use.

As these installations are always connected to the power grid, your production can sometimes exceed your demand. In such situations, power is automatically "sold back" to the utility.

Types of Commercial Solar Systems

There are mainly seven types of commercial solar systems available these days. They are:

  • Solar carport systems
  • Flat rooftop systems
  • Slanted rooftop systems
  • Ground systems
  • Tracker systems
  • Artistic systems
  • Utility-scale systems

Solar Panel Benefits for Commercial Buildings

One of the main advantages of installing solar panels in your commercial building is lower energy bills.

Solar panels for commercial use can generate additional income for you, as many local electrical companies are usually ready to buy any excess power generated by your solar panels. Besides, most of these panels come with a 25-year warranty.

Solar panels significantly reduce your dependency on the local power grid. When compared to coal-powered electrical plants, they are environment friendly and produce no harmful emissions.

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What Type of Roof Is Best for Solar Panels?

Here are some critical factors you should consider before deciding whether your roof is compatible with a solar panel.

  • Orientation and Pitch of the Roof -

    As far as solar panels' orientation is concerned, the best option is to have them face south. The pitch or slope of your roof also influences your solar arrangement as it can affect your system's energy production capabilities. In most places, a gradient of 30-40 degrees is considered ideal for optimal power generation.

  • The Roof's Age -

    The age of your roof also needs to be considered before installing solar panels on it. Do not install solar panels on an old roof, which will have to be replaced shortly. In such cases, replace the roof first and then install the solar panels.

  • Hours of Shade -

    Even though solar panels work in the shade, they work better in direct sunlight. Make sure your roof gets good sunlight before installing solar panels.

  • The Material and Square Footage of Your Roof -

    Some roof materials are more "solar-friendly" than others. For example, composite shingles are most convenient for solar installation. As a thumb rule, each kW of your solar system requires at least 100 square feet of roof space.

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How Long Do Commercial Solar Panels Last?

Generally, solar panels last about 25 to 30 years. This does not mean that they will discontinue producing electricity; rather, the energy production rate will decline significantly after 25 years.

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings: Finding the Right Solar Panel Installer

Here are the top five tips that will help you choose the right solar contractor for your commercial building.

  • Always request an on-site visit from your solar company analysts as they will provide the most accurate and comprehensive quote.
  • Get at least three solar quotes/evaluation so that you can compare them and select the most feasible one.
  • Find the best return on investment.
  • Check the customer references provided by your solar companies and make sure they have performed well in the past.
  • Take your time and do your research.

If you are looking to install Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings in California, contact Applied Roofing Services today. You can call us at 714-632-8418 or Get a Quote Online.

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