5 Residential Roofing Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

Posted on August 11th, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

Residential roofing mistakes are common in do-it-yourself roofing repairs. Inexperienced contractors may try to cut corners or perform the job as quickly as possible, thinking the techniques and materials they are using are good enough for the job. So you have to be very careful during your roofing projects.

Residential Roofing Mistakes

Here are 5 residential roofing mistakes you should watch out for:

  1. Excessive Patching
    Patching over an area too many times can result in cracks and/or leaks. It is better to make proper repairs than to just patch over a spot every time it begins to leak. Using patch can actually trap moisture and may result in nearby shingles beginning to crack or lift.

  2. Poor Flashing Installation
    Poor flashing can result in leaks along the corners of the roof as well as decomposition of the wood and other materials that lie underneath the shingles. Improper flashing compromises not only the corners and valleys of the roof; it also can lead to water damage inside the home.

  3. Poor Installation
    Poor installation of the roofing materials can lead to widespread damage of the roof, both inside and outside of the home. Not enough nails per shingle can result in lifting, while too many can cause cracking.

  4. Shingles That Don’t Match
    When repairing a roof, the same size and type of shingles should be used at all times. Mismatched shingles can result in leaks or lifting that allows the wind to catch the shingles and tear them off.

  5. Insufficient Attic Ventilation
    Without proper ventilation in the ceilings and attacks, moisture can become trapped resulting in mold and water damage. Proper air ventilation allows air to move freely and will help to keep the home cool in the summer.

  6. Residential roofing professionals will help to make sure mistakes are kept to a minimum and the home is sufficiently protected from the elements.

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