What Roofing Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home

Posted on February 11th, 2016 by Applied Roofing Services

While buying a new home, you always need to crosscheck a variety of aspects from papers to landscape and fence. Have you ever considered cross checking the roofing system? If you are planning to buy a new home, it is always advisable to check the roofing thoroughly. A roof is a major investment and will have a large impact on the purchase price of the home, as well as the home’s overall property value.

Roofing Factors

What Type of Roof Does the Home Have?
The type of roofing material used will determine how much maintenance it will need, as well as how long it will last. Materials range in cost and in the amount of care they will need over the life of the roof.

How Many Layers of Shingles Are on the Roof?
Excessive layers of shingles can add too much weight to the roof. It is also a sign of numerous quick fixes. Layers can trap moisture and stress the roof, causing possible leaks and other types of damage.

How Old Is the Roof?
The age of the roof will determine how much life it has left. An older roof will have to be replaced much sooner than one that is just a few years into its lifespan. An older roof may not be able to be repaired with just an additional layer of shingles. It may need to be completely stripped, papered and with fresh shingles put in place.

What Condition Is the Roof In?
The condition of the roof is independent of its age. An old roof may be in excellent shape, while a new roof may be in a shambles if it is constantly exposed to severe weather.

What Residential Roofing Company Installed the Roof?
Find out what residential roofing company installed the roof. Are they reputable and do they guarantee their work? Having a reputable contractor is a good indication that the work was done right and the roof will last for several years.

For complete satisfaction, you must call a professional roofing contractor to inspect the existing roof and suggest the repairs needed, if any.

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